Our Mission is Simple
"We are your local trading platform bringing local,
regional, and global liquidity directly to you"

Our Story

The capital markets in Asia is mostly fraught with liquidity issues because of widely fragmented market with different market practices and a lack of a central market platform. IXDOT solution aims to bridge this structural gap by consolidating markets and facilitating liquidity access to a wide array of institutional investor participations from within a country and across its border.

The founders of IXDOT realising the market infrastructure issues eventually conceptualised the idea and the solution was conceived and built in year 2017 with the ambitious aim of supporting the Asia growth story and the growth of the Asian capital markets. It starts humbly as a platform "build in Asia for Asians".

IXDOT is in a joint collaboration and marketing with Kamakura Corporation.

Kamakura Corporation is well known for its world’s leading quantitative credit risk modelling and management, enterprise risk management software, and consulting services.


The technology panel is lead by a pool of experienced and talented expert, who also provides IT support for our platform users.

The support is available on a 24x7 basis.

The design of the platform and underlining technology is geared for resiliency, scalability, and performance.

This advisory panel has a group banking advisors and financial industry experts who will provide advice as subject-matter experts, product knowledge, and market practices.

These are notable industry veterans with expertise in risk management, treasury trading, product knowledge, and markets.